Safar-e-sabz – Green Journey

2010 with Soheil Doaei

Iran, Turkey

KineoFilm production

edited by Mattia Visintini




A young Iranian leaves his country onboard the TransAsia Express, with destination Istanbul. During the journey he has a series of flashbacks about his last period in Iran: these memories become the heart of a story, which combines current events, culture and poetry of the great Persian nation.

Safar-e-sabz is not a traditional documentary. It couldn’t have been any other way. It developed itself without following any preconceptions, by simply studying reality through “listening shared technique”. This allowed to recognize the “prefilmic” poetic focus, dig deep into the emotions, and reclaim the silence and the ability to listen.

In Safar-e-sabz past, present and future are all the same: a cornerstone around which revolve the leading character’s life, his memories, his sigarette puffs, Iran, the colour green, hope.



Festival dei Popoli, Florence, Italy, 2010