Nostalghia. A journey among the Christians of the Middle East

photographic exhibition


The exhibition consists of thirty-two silver gelatin prints and witnesses the three-year journey of photographer Linda Dorigo and journalist Andrea Milluzzi in search for the remaining Christians of the Middle East.

The images revolve around the concept of nostalghia: not only a psychological state of sadness and regret for the absence of people and of beloved places, but also a response to the feeling of an impending danger on their own identity. This is a feeling that unites the Christian communities of the Middle East, which are often forced to flee their lands because of increasingly violent clashes.

The authors left in June 2011 and they lived with the Christian communities of nine Middle East countries: Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Turkey, in order to tell the daily life of ancient populations, that is too often hidden from the spotlights of international media. Thanks to the meetings with the communities and the discovery of their land, the authors experienced a journey back through the centuries, accompanied by silences, confessions and confidences. A journey that leads to look into the eyes of the “witnesses” of the history of our civilization.

The exhibition is a journey that wants to raise awareness about what is happening in Middle East by evoking the values of its communities, inviting to reflect on one’s own values, and helping to discover places and peoples beyond prejudice and fear.



  • 4 framed photographs | size 70×100 cm
  • 19 framed photographs | size 40×60 cm
  • 9 framed photographs | size 30×40 cm
  • 1 video projection available
  • 3 quotes (English or Italian/Arabic/Persian)
  • 1 introductory text in English and/or Italian – size 100×150 cm
  • TOTAL SPACE: (video projection excluded): 56, 4 m2

selected events

Palazzo Costanzi, Trieste, Italy 2015

Villa Manin, Udine, Italy 2016

Palazzo delle Opere Sociali, Festival Biblico, Vicenza, Italy 2016

Austrian Hospice, Jerusalem, 2016

Image Festival, Amman, Jordan, 2017

Museo Diocesano Tridentino, Trento, Italy, 2018


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